In a world of 'fast fashion' we are slowing it down. This journey was inspired by a desire to bring change by focusing on classic, simple style.  
For babies and first walkers, we agree barefoot is best. But this isn't always practical. Our genuine leather soft sole shoes are an extra skin. A light-weight, flexible and breathable layer to let your little Wanderer explore and still feel the earth beneath them. 
 Wander is a small, family owned business - we are based in West Auckland,  New Zealand. 
Our shoes are ethically hand-crafted in China. We only use genuine leather that is free of all nasty chemicals including Chromium VI, azo dyes,  and formaldehydes.


Catherine and Antonio are a husband and wife Team who own and run Burrow and Be.  In 2020 they purchased Wander to compliment the existing products of Burrow and Be and grow the audience of both with products that worked in harmony.

Catherine has a design degree and a passion for design, form, functionality and business!  

Antonio has a background in mechanics and coffee,  but working in production in the Burrow and Be and Wander warehouse his super power is systems and organisation.


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